Mundane Monday’s

I wish my Monday’s were mundane; actually, they are full of excitement. Like starters baby and I went on our quest for Mario Kart (which is supposed to be my father’s day gift and you can’t find it anywhere). Our quest was about as successful as last year’s Miami Dolphins, a lot of hope but no luck. Then after a feeding we went Grocery shopping. After that I graded papers and put together the Jesus class for tonight. Then it was time to drop off Laura at Grandma’s then off to Java Daves to do more grading and preparing. Then off to teach. Which was fun. This was an awkward, Monday normally Laura and I just lie around and play games. Which has become Mundane so we shook it up a bit, hope to do more sometime soon.

Tiger Woods 2008 for Wii

I have been playing Tiger Woods o8 for the wii when I can. I have been impressed with the game play. It is not an easy button massing game. You have to actually play. Which is nice. Although I can’t play the game for countless hours like I did when I had the 360. I am still trying to get through a couple of things. But I would have to say that it was worth my while and money. It has helped my real golf game as well. It has helped me be more consistent in my swing. I would suggest playing it.

Coffee Creek

Berry, Papa Berry and I ventured over to Coffee Creek on Sunday afternoon. We had a blast. The course was really fun and challenging. I really liked the Par 3’s as they were holes that were for me were in between clubs which makes hitting them a little bit more difficult. I also love the GPS golf carts. There was something just completely awesome about having GPS on the golf carts. I would recommend playing it.


Have a safe 4th don’t blow yourself up.




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