From The Life of L…

So this week embarks my first week as a stay at home father. I have enjoyed it thus far. It is a balancing act of knowing how long do i have while she naps and how much work can i get done during this nap but it is fun. We are working well off each other. I am not ashamed to say that i am a stay at home dad. I love my daughter. I am hanging in there, despite the fact that there are times when i would love to read a lot longer or take a longer nap. But when i look into her eyes and she smiles at me knowing that she pooped her pants, i smile back at her knowing that this time together is worth every moment. Because there will be a time where i will be like my father was this past weekend and giving away my sister in marriage (congrats Amanda & Justin). I will write more on the week and weekend later but i thought i would throw this post up now. Peace

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