Lost: insert personal thought of TV show here.

I know it may come to a shock to most. Nevertheless, I have never seen the TV show Lost. Now before you cast me out to sea or call me a culture leper. Please hear me out on these three points on why I have not seen the TV show.

  1. When the show is on, I have always had something else to do. Such as a paper, playing with baby, hanging out with Ashley, reading for pleasure, reading for school, I had to work, and play wii. I think you are getting the drift. I was & am busy nor do I have a DVR and using a VCR for me is not something I like to do.
  2. I really don’t get into TV shows, the only show I have ever really gotten into is Scrubs. Actually it is the only show I have ever really say, “I have to watch it.” However, I watch it only when it comes out on DVD and I have the time when life is not keeping me busy that I can sit down and watch a whole season at a time.
  3. I do not have cable and broadcast tv is hard to watch from time to time. So I opt out of watch TV and play wii or see point one.

In conclusion, I have been reading other blogs that talk about the show Lost and how they have been watching it for various reasons and I am just adding to the Lost conversation by saying, I have had no desire to watch Lost nor does it speak to me to watch it.

1 thought on “Lost: insert personal thought of TV show here.”

  1. I will not call you a cultural leper, but I do think that now is a great time to borrow the DVD from Season 1 from a friend, (I’m sure somewhere there in Oklahoma will have it) and watch it all at one time. If you choose not to do this, well life will go on.


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