Summer School, Bug Bites, & Baby at 3 months

Summer School

So I had plans to blog a lot this summer. Little did I realize that my summer classes would be as tedious as they are. Therefore, here is what I have been reading the last couple of days.

  1. Attentive to God: Thinking Theologically in Ministry by Charles M. Wood & Ellen Blue For SM 500 Reflections on Ministry Experiences
  2. Reinventing Paul by John G. Gager For NT 528 Pauline Theology
  3. In Search of Paul: How Jesus’ Apostle Opposed Rome’s Empire with God’s Kingdom by John Dominic Crossan& Jonathan L. Reed For NT 528 Pauline Theology

So far, I have been ok with the books not to earth shattering. I have really enjoyed the Attentive to God book; it is something that might be a good read for those who about to enter in to their first ministry setting or a person who has wanted to learn how to thank Theologically and is in ministry but may not want to do the seminary route. I am excited for the Paul class, it will be fun and exciting and the best part is that it is only one week. Then done! Then the SM 500 is a just 3 Tuesday’s in June and one in July. I will also be working on my internship at Chapel Hill where I am working on my teaching and evangelism approach for Young Adults. July is going to be fun! No school!


Bug bites

Stay away from things that bite you and your arm swells really big. Monday night after getting home from conference, Ashley drove me to the afterhours care clinic because my elbow swelled to about the size of half-small watermelon, thanks to a bug bite that I received from some bug on Saturday night. Therefore, they gave me an anti-biotic and a steroid cream to help clear up the mess. Well it is Thursday and it is a little better but, it still itches really bad.

Baby at 3 Months

So Monday Baby Laura will be 3 months. Wow, she is so awesome to be around. She is starting to sleep through the night and she is enjoying making faces at me. I am sort of excited because Laura will make her first trip to Miami, on June 6th-8th though she might not remember it, it will be a special thing for me for baby to experience for some reason. Plus Amanda getting Married, oh what fun will it be.



I hope all is going well with you who are reading this. May God be with you in every step and every breath that you take.





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