Enrollment/Power Cords/I am on the Web


I enrolled for another fine semester at PTS. Here is what I am taking in the summer and in the fall.


Pauline Theology     

Supervised Ministries: Reflections on Ministry Experiences

Fall 2008

Educational Dimensions of Ministries

Leadership in Ministry

The Christian Ethics of Reinhold Niebuhr and H. Richard Niebuhr

Pastoral Response to Suicide

I am excited for all of the classes that I am taking. I am on the Downhill slide of the program where I can take a lot of stuff that I want to take instead of what I have to take.


Power Cords

So yesterday I was setting in class before my Ancient Meals class and I was plugging in my power cord and the little prong that you plug into the computer snapped. So I had to milk battery power to make it through class. So then after class I had to make a Best Buy run to pick up a power cord. Thinking that it would be a $20.00 purchase; I was way wrong. The HP Ac adapter was $89.99 Then there was the Targus Universal Adapter which was the same price 89.99 I knew that I could just find one online cheaper but I needed it for homework that I was going to do that night. I also knew that I was going to need it for class today so I opted for the Targus. It is pretty cool and will come in handy in many ways. So if you need to buy an adapter for a PC laptop get the targus. I have been impressed thus far.


I am on the Web

Here I am on the Web on the PTS website http://tinyurl.com/38sa3b. Tell me what you think.

One thought on “Enrollment/Power Cords/I am on the Web

  1. that ethics course sounds awesome.

    i hear you own the power cord business. i had a similar situation a few months ago when my ibook adapter shorted out. i figured it would be $30 max. i ended up spending $85. i couldn’t believe it.


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