Mr. Franks Meet Moses

Read Exodus 3 & 4 (New International Version) from:;&version=31;

If you have not talked to me in a while, you would know that a lot has been going on in my life these last 9 months. See post in last nine months. One of the biggies was that I had a professor who spoke with me, and asked me if I had been tested for dyslexia and I had not. Therefore, after many attempts at being tested, I finally was able to in March. It was not fun, but it was helpful in many ways. This past Monday I received my results and the results were that I have dyslexia.

The results were liberating but also painful at the same time. It was liberating because now I know that I am not stupid that my struggles in the academic world were because of dyslexia not because I am stupid. It was painful. Many issues arose during my struggles in school that was a result of me not understanding or struggling with the material.

So what am I going to do now? One: I want to learn ways in which I can learn. The seminary is going to help me do this and I am going to talk to other people to get even more ideas to help. Two: I want to be a voice for those who are like me, struggle with academics, and find ways in which they can learn material better and get tested if they were not as youth.

I posted some of Moses story to show you that God calls people who have issues. Moses was not a perfect person Moses had issues. Moses story gives me hope. I know God has called me as well. Through Moses story, I can learn how to work with what I lack and trust that God will provide in my deficiency just as he did for Moses.

May God be with you in every step and every breath.


A Definition of dyslexia can be found here:

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