Writing Papers, Sitting in VW Dealership, Good Friday, Too Much Basketball

Writing Papers:

So I am about one paragraph from completing one paper and then there is one more left. They are going well. Now I need to keep focus, which has been good today. I should be done tomorrow morning since I work when baby is up at all hours of the night. Then all that will be left will be a group project which should be easy. Horay for being done, with this round of work.

Sitting at VW Dealership:

So I needed to take the Jetta in today before I start back to my journeys to Tulsa and back. I am just chilling in the lobby using wifi and drinking a dr. pepper. Just a nice relaxing time, writing a blog and finishing a paper.

Good Friday:

This is the first Good Friday in a long time that I don’t have to do anything. I miss it. Normally I am sitting in a room just chilling as people go through the Stations of the Cross. It is cool to watch people go through this prayer practice.

Too Much Basketball

I am a huge basketball fan. But my major complaint is that there should be only one tourney. Not 3. If you did not know there is now a third tourney. Called the CBI. I am sorry if you can’t make the big dance you should call you season done and start working towards next year. Don’t try to prolong an already painful season. There is an obvious reason you are not in the big dance. Perhaps you should take some time to see how you can improve for next year. If there is one thing that I don’t like is bad basketball. I am just going to follow the big dance; it is the only one that matters. Not the other 2 tourneys.


One thought on “Writing Papers, Sitting in VW Dealership, Good Friday, Too Much Basketball

  1. What’s wrong with the Jetta, or is it just a check up?

    Also: I’ve added you as a link on my site as well. I remember you asking about WordPress a long time ago, but for some reason forgot all about it until I saw an incoming link from here to Pressed & Bound. Looks good! How do you like WordPress?


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