The Email, The Futon, No Focus, First Doctor’s Visit

The Email:

Resting after a long day of sofa shopping, doctor’s visits and I was checking the email and I received this email:

My Name is Evangelist Kendra La Blessit, I and my husband (Reverend Barnham La Blessit) are on a Christian Mission to Africa and I came along with our Teacup Yorkshire Terrier Babies. After a While, I notice that the African Weather is not good for the puppies. I need someone to adopt both and take care of them. They are AKC REGISTERED:TEACUP. HOME RAISED, VACCINES & HEALTH GUARANTEED email me for more details.


Evangelist Kendra La Blessit


I am sorry Evangelist Kendra La Blessit, I have no clue who you are, nor would I want to take your dogs. My wife just had a baby and we have enough money to get by with just the three of us. Having a dog is not in the plans. I know this email is a scam. One who ask someone they don’t know to take dogs. Two: WHY would I want a dog, I am trying to learn how to take of a baby which is changing diapers filled with God knows what, and hoping that I can make it through a night with at least 3 straight hours of sleep. Three: NO NO NO. Something about this email just never seemed right. Then I had to ask myself, why would someone waste my time with this email. I hate JUNK MAIL.

The Futon:

So at the first of this year my wife and I bought a nice futon. I thought it was a good buy. Well it’s March 17th and we are going to have to upgrade. I was holding Laura when I feel almost completely though. I knew that the welding on it was crappie. But I thought it would be one of those miraculous things that would some who hold. Well I was wrong. About a month ago some of the welding came undone but it was not too much of an issue. I still held on to hope that it would last until we move next year. Just in case I called the company and no answer on getting any help so I left a message and said that I am sure that you would hear from me. So when it fell apart at 7:30 am. This time I was able to get a hold of the company and they said they could replace the parts. YEAH!!!but the down side is that it may take 6-8 weeks if they can get the parts. So my wife and I talked and we went to a furniture store today and found our perfect sofa it will be here on Wednesday. As for the Futon, if anyone wants it let me know, it’s still a good futon. The new parts will be in about 6-8 weeks. Just email me if you are interested.

No Focus:

So I am down to one week left in my break and I have no focus. I can’t write the two small papers I need to write and read the books I need to write. I feel so useless. I will enjoy a time when I am no longer in school. So I am asking for prayers for one day of focus that I can get my two papers and project done.

First Doctor’s Visit:

Today was Laura’s first doctor’s visit and the doctor said she was perfect. As Laura was bawling her head off, She does not like being in just her diaper. But it was all good.


So today, was a busy day for the Frank’s household. Nevertheless, we are learning how to live with our new addition. Thank God, Laura is not a puppies.


I hope all is well in your place. May God be with you in every step and every breath


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